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Welcome to our web site.

We hope that you find this site both informative and useful.  All of this sites features are accessed using the menu bars on the left and top of each page.  Enjoy!

If you are a dealer and require a user login for our online catalogue and price lists, use the link on the left hand menu bar, or click here.  Please include a contact name and phone number, as all login requests will be verified.

Please note that our online catalogue is a continuing work in progress.  If you cannot find something or need help in locating what you need, please give us a call!

Your comments are always welcome!

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 Abrasive Flow Machining Now Available!  
Looking for High Performance nozzles?  We have added an Extrude Hone machine to our equipment line.  To the best of our knowledge this is the first and only such machine in Canada setup to provide abrasive flow machining for diesel nozzles!  Click here for more information.
 Cash for Injector Cores!  
Turn those cores into CASH!  We are looking for Dodge/Cummins 5.9 common rail injector cores.  If you have any available, call us at 1-877-464-8044.
 Service Available for Cummins ISC/ISL Common Rail
We have test equipment available to test Cummins ISC/ISL Common Rail high pressure pumps.  Full service for these pumps is coming soon!
 We Are Now Rebuilding Most Bosch Common Rail Injectors!  
We have the parts, tools and equipment to rebuild most Bosch Common Rail injectors.  This has proven to be a good alternative to expensive new injectors!  Call us for details and pricing.
 Looking for High Performance Injectors?  
We build "High Performance" injectors for many applications, including VW TDI, Ford HEUI, Caterpillar EUI, Dodge & Duramax Common Rail, etc. See our High Performance injector page for more info.  Update:  We have purchased an Extrude Hone machine, and can provide this service to almost any nozzle out there!
 Testing/Repairs NOW Available for Navistar Siemens
Navistar is now using a Siemens HEUI for their DT466/DT530 applications.  This injector is a larger version of the HEUI used on the Ford 6.0 Litre engine.  We are able to test and repair these injectors.

We hope to have an exchange program for these injectors, but at the present due to lack of cores we are only able to supply these if you send us your cores.  Call us if you have cores for sale!

Application information for these injectors has been added to the Navistar HEUI Applications.
 Testing/Repairs NOW Available for C7/C9 Caterpillar
Our test bench re-design is complete, and we are now able to test the HEUI injectors used on the C7/C9 Caterpillar engines.  Our reman program is almost complete!  Until we obtain sufficient cores, our exchange stock will be limited to several popular part numbers.  Call us if you have cores for sale!

Application information for these injectors has been added to the Cat HEUI Applications.
 Problems With Your Cummins Celect Injector Supplier?  
Anyone who has ever attempted to remanufacture a Cummins Celect injector knows that this injector is very complex, and difficult to repair properly.

After considerable research as well as development of some new and unique procedures we are confident that our remanufactured Celect injector will perform just like a new one!

What makes our injector better?   How about:

  • 100% nozzle replacement
  • 100% metering barrel replacement
  • 100% nozzle spring replacement
  • 100% nozzle spring guide replacement
  • 100% spring cage replacement
  • 100% wire harness replacement
  • 100% ceramic metering plungers
  • Computerized calibration including checks for PIP (Peak Injection Pressure) and pulse width
  • 12 months unlimited mileage "no-nonsense" warranty

Looking for a better Celect injector?  We have it!  See our slightly sarcastic "How Not to Build a Celect Injector".

 Testing/Exchange Available for Ford 6.0 Litre Injectors  
We have received our equipment to test the 6.0 Liter Ford Powerstroke injectors, and are now able to provide testing as well as exchange units from stock. 

The addition of this new test equipment is another proof of our commitment to our customers.  You now have a source for remanufactured 6.0 Litre injectors at a reasonable price.  Call us for details and/or pricing!
 Our Common Rail Test Bench  
We have received the latest common rail test bench from Rabotti as part of our ongoing efforts to better serve our customers with the latest technology.

This test bench already had a proven track record as it has been in use in Europe for some time.  Our Tec100/B was the the first to be installed in North America.

We feel that we already have the most up to date fuel injection facility in North America, and our commitment to provide the best product to our customers has been reinforced with the arrival of this new test equipment.


 We are the 'Source' for Electronic Injectors / Pumps  

Ford 7.3 Powerstroke
Cat 3126
Navistar 466/530E

Chevy Duramax

Cat 3116

Mack E-Tech
Bosch PLD

Dodge RAM
Cummins 5.9
Bosch VP44

Duramax / Dodge
Common Rail

Cat 3176A & B

Cummins Celect

Series 60 Detroit

Cat 3406E

Cat 3408/3412

Ford 6.0 Powerstroke


John Deere / Volvo

Dodge Cummins 5.9/6.7

Chevy Duramax

Navistar Siemens

Cat C7/C9

Ford 6.4

Sprinter / Mercedes

Volvo E1/E3

Detroit Diesel DDEC V


Cummins ISL/ISC CR


We have the "know-how", the equipment, tools and parts to remanufacture almost any electronic injector in use today.  We stock exchange sets for many of the more common applications.  See our online catalog for details.

We are an authorized dealer for Viscor calibrating fluids!

Planning to ship us your unit(s) for service?   Click here for our shipping address.  Please make sure that you drain off any contained fuel, and pack everything very well.  Ship your units to us freight prepaid, and we will provide FREE return shipping for all retail customers!  We will examine your unit, and provide a cost estimate prior to performing any repairs on the day that it arrives in our shop.  Most rebuild/repair jobs leave our premises within 24 hours of arrival! We can save you both time and money!  Everything rebuilt/remanufactured by us has a limited 1 year warranty with unlimited mileage!

We accept all major credit cards
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Product/Service Spotlight

Looking for Sprinter common rail parts?  We have high pressure pumps and injectors in stock for most models!

Part numbers include:

We can also test your units to verify that this is what you need.

We have Dodge, Cummins 5.9/6.7 and  Duramax high pressure pumps, and common rail injectors in stock! All years, all models!

Part numbers include:

Complete Duramax application information is located here!

Dodge / Cummins 5.9 application information is located here!

We have the parts and equipment to service dual spring injectors such as used by VW TDI and Landrover.  Most TDI injectors are available from stock!

High performance TDI injectors available.  Click  here for details!

Click here to see why setting both springs on these injectors is important.

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We have  available from stock most VP44 electronic pumps for Dodge & Cummins mid-range applications.

See our online catalog for further details.
New Products
Available Now!
Custom designed add on filter kits for both Dodge and Duramax applications.   The factory filters on these applications are lacking at best, and this is both the best and easiest way to avoid costly injection system repairs.

See our online catalog for further details.

When it comes to fuel additives, we stock only a single brand!

Save 10% on case lots when purchasing Stanadyne Additives!